We listen to you, we find out what the problem is and we work together to get you back doing the things that you enjoy.

Move well & Feel well

What happens during a consultation with Elaine?

The Initial Consultation (approx 1 hour) starts with a detailed conversation about you. We learn about what matters to you and define your short and long term goals. After a full health history, we evaluate your gait and posture, and diagnose your problem using orthopaedic and neurological testing.

We use an evidence based approach to predict your prognosis and how many Follow-up Sessions (approx 20-30 mins) are appropriate. Treatment consists of a combination of chiropractic manipulation and mobilisation and soft tissue techniques.

Research shows that pain can compromise your strength and stability, and change the way that you move. A comprehensive functional assessment is an important part of our treatment plan. It ensures that the focus of care soon shifts from hands-on treatment to improving your strength and movement, allowing you to quickly and confidently get back doing the things you enjoy.

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